Solar Green Energy saw the first harvest supported by their innovative solar irrigation technology in June 2022. SOGE’s hybrid-solar systems provide year-round water supplies for rice farmers, through drawing water from nearby rivers and pumping it into canals that feed adjacent farms. This extra water made available to farmers during the dry season sees paddy properly irrigated, reducing weed growth and increasing the available area for rice planting.

Initially targeting some 350 smallholder farmers and irrigating 1000 hectares of paddy, improved irrigation will bring a significant increase in harvests, whilst bringing much needed revenue to rural, often poverty-stricken areas. As incomes and local expenditures rise, so too will the social impact for families and communities in each target area.

SOGE have installed three irrigation systems in Boeung Chhouk, Kampong Krasang Krom and Kampong Krasang Ler villages in Cambodia, with each system able to irrigate 50 hectares of land. To date, SOGE’s sustainable clean energy irrigation system has benefited some 227 smallholder farmers who no longer need to move, maintain or provide expensive fuel for ageing diesel generators.

This June the first fully irrigated dry season rice harvest saw famers reporting an increase in their yields of between one half and one ton of rice, leading to increased incomes at reduced production costs.

Utilising the trust they have built over their 15 years’ experience in the Cambodia energy sector and their commercial success and the social benefits provided so far, SOGE is looking to scale its business to other locations across the country. Currently, IAP is supporting SOGE to conduct a market study to assess the potential for these plans. The study will be released in July 2022.

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