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Solar Green Energy for Irrigation

Improving Yields with Green Energy

SOGE brings economic and social benefits for rice farmers through higher and more reliable yields, as an increased amount of farmland becomes available through irrigation

Gender Balance

Securing Land Ownership

Based the current pace of development, it is estimated that it will take another 170 years to achieve gender parity within companies and business at  large. This is particularly unsettling seeing as full gender parity in labour markets

The Biogas Injera Stove

What started out as a prototype developed during the final years of university studies is today an innovative product with the potential to positively impact the lives of many women in rural Ethiopia

Smallholders as True Shareholders Part 1

Smallholders as True Shareholders Part 1

The first part of our article on empowering smallholders through innovative farming cooperative models, published in 2018

Sanitation Africa

Having grown up in one of Kampala’s slums, experiencing for himself problems of poor sanitation, young and innovative Samuel Malinga started to develop an clean sludge

Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

With an innovative Pay-as you-go business model, Wana Energy Solutions is transforming the market for clean cooking solutions, making it accessible and affordable to

Smallholders as True Stakeholders Part 1

Smallholders as True Shareholders Part 2

Part two of our empowering smallholders through innovative farming cooperative models, first  published in 2019

Signatures of Asia

Signatures of Asia (SoA) was founded in 2007 and is today not only one of the top ten organic rice and sugar exporters in Cambodia, but also the first company in the country to


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