Enjera cooked on a pellet burner

Anega Energies Manufacturing has launched their new improved efficiency commercial cookstove, the Quayton efficient fan forced gasifier cookstove. Designed for both households and commercial scale cooking, the Quayton fuel pellet stove has the potential to replace the current charcoal and wood burners that dominate urban Ethiopian kitchens.

Anega’s first client is one of Addis Ababa’s leading franchise restaurants. With seven branches around the city and employing 760 people, to date, their restaurants have relied on wood and charcoal cooking fuel, using up to 469 kilograms of charcoal each day, the equivalent of around 4.7 tonnes of wood.

The restaurant was first introduced to Anega’s Quayton stove through a customer. After seeing the product in action, the restaurateur immediately bought 10 stoves directly from the company. Anega used this opportunity to introduce both the household and commercial pellet stoves and after testing the product for stewing and enjera baking, The restaurant placed their first order for 3 institutional scale stoves, 4 household pellet stoves, and 18 enjera baking stoves.

This serves as a solid stepping-stone for Anega to take a leap into the market and begin attracting universities, schools and other institutions that use cooking fuels that cause negative health impacts. Anega presents an attractive offer for its customers with a payback period of 6 months to 1 year on their investment through reduced cost fuel pellets, saving both cost and time, on top of an important reduction in indoor air pollution and CO2 emissions.

By end of 2023, Anega aims to provide more than 14,000 people living in poverty with access to sustainable energy sources for cooking by converting an estimated 7800 tonnes of biomass waste to fuel pellets. This will see a reduction of up to 7,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

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