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260 Brands Foods

The Business Case for Gender Integration

There is increasing recognition from commercial buyers and suppliers that gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) are key contributors to value chain sustainability. Integrating GESI into a business model enhances company outcomes. Inclusive businesses play a critical role in supporting access, agency, and voice through economic empowerment of women in supply chains and foster inclusion, creating opportunities and improvements for all.

260 Brands Foods

Climate Adaptation Innovations

Climate change is a threat multiplier for smallholder farmers, as it amplifies the threat of food insecurity. Smallholder farmers produce a large proportion of the available food but have the most limited capacity to adapt to become climate resilient. IAP catalyzes funds and support for inclusive businesses integrating climate adaptation. These businesses enhance smallholders’ resilience by providing adaptive products and services.

260 Brands Foods

Investment support

The IAP Challenge Fund is a risk sharing mechanism for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to test and develop innovative inclusive business ideas. With a focus on maximising longer-term positive social and environmental impact, the programme assists businesses in reaching scale by preparing them for investment and facilitating introductions to potential investors.

260 Brands Foods

Contributing to systems change

Systems change is about addressing structural barriers that prevent systems from functioning for all, including the ways in which systems are governed, supply and demand dynamics, availability of finance and support services, and people’s attitudes and behaviours. IAP invests in private sector initiatives to enhance the lives of people living in poverty, with a specific focus on agri-food, energy, and water systems across four countries(Cambodia, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Zambia).

260 Brands Foods

Improving food security and access to nutritious food

Most of the food consumed globally is produced by farmers and supplied through agricultural value chains operated by the private sector. That makes both large and small agri-food businesses critical actors in transforming the global food system from farm to fork. This includes the seed industry, agricultural producers, and food and beverage processors, among others. Transforming food systems requires private sector action.

260 Brands Foods

Mitigating climate change through food system innovations

Rising global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions jeopardise the liveability of our planet. Major changes are needed to meet the Paris Agreement target, that is to limit global warming to well below 2°C, preferably 1.5°C. In response, most countries have set out national climate strategies including Nationally Determined Contributions. 

Digital Inclusion - ChapChap

Promoting inclusion through digital solutions

There are communities around the globe who are underserved in access to goods and services because of their remote location or a lack of infrastructure. Digital solutions serve to bridge these barriers to digital inclusion and enable the delivery of the services these communities need to change their lives for the better. IAP’s ongoing investment in inclusive businesses brings digital remedies to development challenges.


IAP Dealbook 2023

Download the lates round up of the Innovations Against Poverty project’s achievement to date.

The IAP Lean Data Report Measuring Social Impact

Presents key insights obtained from 1,690 user interviews of a representative sample of six IAP investees across the four countries and three sectors

Application Guidelines

Investee Guidelines for applying for IAP Support

The IAP Factsheet 2022

Our results for 2022 in a clear and concise factsheet

IAP Dealbook - July 2022


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