Photo 1 Ms Thida Kheav is holding the award 1

Solar Green Energy Ltd (SOGE), one of IAP’s investees in the Cambodia portfolio, won the 2022 Clean Energy Award for businesses. SOGE is a solar energy company that provides a wide range of quality solar products combined with installation and maintenance services. SOGE has a lot of experience in solar systems such as solar off & on grids, solar water pumps, solar hybrid solar backup systems, and smart farm systems for use in greenhouses.

The Clean Energy Award for businesses was presented to SOGE during an event organized by EnergyLab Cambodia and hosted by the Australian embassy in Phnom Penh. This award is given to a company that makes significant contributions to increased clean energy use and improved energy efficiency. SOGE beat 30 companies to win the award. Winning the award has encouraged SOGE to continue providing innovate and clean energy solutions.

Under the IAP programme, SOGE is expanding its solar-driven irrigation systems to provide year-round water access to smallholder rice farmers in multiple locations. Over the past year, SOGE’s commitment to supporting rural farming communities with clean energy solutions has increasingly caught the attention of other development partners. For instance, SOGE has just been awarded a USD 149,850 grant from the USAID-funded HARVEST III project to expand the capacity of the solar-driven irrigation system in Kampong Cham province (initially supported by IAP) and set up two new irrigation scheme systems for horticultural production by smallholder farming communities in Kampong Chhang province and Pusat province. These new developments are set to commence early this year.

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