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Husk Ventures has begun operations at its new biochar production facility in Bosveng village. This new site, situated on the Amru Rice milling company premises, allows HUSK to double its biochar production whilst providing space for new equipment.

Equipped with new machinery purchased with IAP funding, HUSK can now double their production of biochar. As demand grows, their team is working double shifts to keep up with the market for biochar. This includes international entities seeking to buy carbon removal certificates.

The value proposition of Husk’s product for Cambodian farmers is that it increases yields through improved soil fertility and, as biochar needs to be applied less often than conventional fertilizer, reduced costs.

Over the coming months, the company will be launching an improved carbon-based fertilizer, called CBF+, which will be sold in different sized packages to cater to the needs of small-scale horticulture and rice farmers. 

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