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Afriseed secures additional funding for scaling up in the legumes business

IAP provides impact readiness and match-making support targeting impact investors. At the same time, IAP also facilitates linkages between the enterprises and local financing sources (grants and loans) such as national development banks, MFIs

SOGE receives clean energy award 2022 and attracts more funding

Solar Green Energy Ltd (SOGE), one of IAP’s investees in the Cambodia portfolio, won the 2022 Clean Energy Award for businesses. SOGE is a solar energy company that provides a wide range of quality solar products combined with installation and maintenance services.

Local solutions for acute horticultural seed shortages in Ethiopia

Jemma Agrotech has taken the bold step of testing an out-grower seed multiplication model for onion and potato, making it the first in Ethiopia.

Truluv secure €680,000 in investor funding

Truluv Granola has secured an additional investment of EUR 680,000 within the first year of their IAP partnership. This debt and equity financing was made by the Dutch Good Growth Fund and a group of angel investors.

API scales up its production of biodiesel

As one of the main sources of greenhouse emissions globally, the African Power Initiative in Uganda is working towards substituting fossil fuels with biodiesel derived from kukui, or candlenut, seeds

Nutridense scale up processing

What started out as a modest food production endeavour in the basement of Nutridense’s owner, Ms Alem Greiling, is now transitioning to a fully fledged food processing venture through automation and expansion of the company’s distribution channels.

IAP’s private sector support brings clean water

Despite being essential for all life, globally some 2.2 billion people still do not have access to safe water for drinking and sanitation (WHO/UNICEF 2019). This sees over 1,000 children die each day from preventable diarrhoeal diseases.

Making a big impact on the cooking culture of Ethiopian restaurants

Anega Energies Manufacturing has launched their new improved efficiency commercial cookstove, the Quayton efficient fan forced gasifier cookstove. Designed for both households and commercial scale cooking, the Quayton fuel pellet stove has the potential to replace the current charcoal and wood burners that dominate urban Ethiopian kitchens.

Increasing yields and incomes through improved yield seeds

East-West Seed introduced high-quality seeds and agronomical support services with the aim of improving farmers’ lives through increased agricultural productivity and raised incomes. Now, having conducted crop demonstrations to create and increase awareness of the importance of improved seeds and agricultural techniques, EWS is implementing an inclusive agricultural project in four provinces in Cambodia.

Financial Inclusion unlocks smallholder participation in Uzima’s business value chain

Uzima Chicken’s innovative social enterprise approach is directed towards making smallholder farmers wealthier and healthier through the distribution of improved and resilient SASSO poultry breeds.


Afri Seed employees sorting Mbereshi Beans 6

Magical Mbereshi beans in Zambia transforming smallholder farming?

Zambian enterprise Afriseed Ltd is partnering with Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) to increase production and access to Mbereshi bean seed for smallholder farmers. 

ZM 260 Brands 03.05.2022 Agriculture IAP2 0 scaled

Introducing Zambia’s First Plant-Based Beverage for the Base of the Pyramid market!

260 Brands, a Zambian company operating from Lusaka, makes high quality consumer products using local ingredients sourced from smallholder farmers.

IAP Husk 6 2022 Sruoy Husk web e1662098318990

Super Farmers changing the face of Cambodia agriculture

HUSK’s focus is far from purely environmental, they work hard to see that their business has a meaningful social impact.

Solar Powered Irrigation

Improving Yields with Green Energy

Solar Green Energy brings economic and social benefits for rice farmers through higher and more reliable yields, as an increased amount of farmland becomes

signatures of asia

Signatures of Asia

Signatures of Asia (SoA) was founded in 2007 and is today not only one of the top ten organic rice and sugar exporters in Cambodia, but also the first company in the country to
Gender Balance

Securing Land Ownership

Based the current pace of development, it is estimated that it will take another 170 years to achieve gender parity within companies and business at  large. This is particularly unsettling seeing as full gender parity in labour markets
Biogas Injera stove sm

The Biogas Injera Stove

What started out as a prototype developed during the final years of university studies is today an innovative product with the potential to positively impact the lives of many women in rural Ethiopia
Sanitaion Africa e1647045983385

Sanitation Africa

Having grown up in one of Kampala’s slums, experiencing for himself problems of poor sanitation, young and innovative Samuel Malinga started to develop an clean sludge
Wana Energy Crop

Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

With an innovative Pay-as you-go business model, Wana Energy Solutions is transforming the market for clean cooking solutions, making it accessible and affordable to

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