Alviol General Trading recently held their first sales promotion event in Dessie in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. The event introduced their new solar hair salon kits and charging stations to  youth-led microenterprises in peri urban areas.

The sole distributor for these imported products, Alviol has forged partnerships with local tech provider PayOps and Ethiopian mobile payment service provider HelloCash. Integrating a pay-as-you-go system will increase the affordability of their products for the youth enterprises they are targetting. Marketing these new products will also help Alviol promote their existing solar home systems.

Alviol has also partnered with the Amhara Credit and Savings Institute, allowing customers to pay in instalments. Alviol’s aim is to equip at least 545 microenterprises with kits and stations over the next year, with 70% of these being women-led. The company also expects to sell close to 15,000 solar home systems over the next year. Judging by the popularity of the products witnessed during the first promotion event in Dessie, Alviol will do well to ensure sufficient stock is in the country.

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