A Catalytic Fund for Inclusive and Innovative Businesses

Innovations Against Poverty challenges the private sector to contribute to the fight against poverty

Low-income markets represent a significant business opportunity. The four billion people living on less than US$ 8 a day constitute a global consumer market with a shared purchasing power valued at US$ 5 trillion. By thinking innovatively, private companies can develop businesses that solve social and environmental issues while at the same time maximising their competitiveness and profitability. However, many of these initiatives face commercial, technical and financial risks. They have limited access to finance as they are frequently too large for micro-financing but too small for mainstream commercial debt and venture capital. The IAP fund serves as a risk-sharing mechanism to stimulate private sector development endeavours that otherwise would not occur.

Through our combined financial and non-financial services, we support innovative Inclusive Business models that deliver commercial benefits for the private sector and developmental benefits for low-income populations, while paying specific attention to gender equality and environmental sustainability.

Impact by February 2023

New Jobs Created (FTE)

People Living in Poverty with Access to Basic Goods and Services

People Living in Poverty with Income Generating Opportunities

People Living in Poverty with Increased Income or Cost Savings

GHG Emissions Avoided or Reduced (Tonnes CO2-EQ)

Increased Sales Revenue (Euro)


Local solutions for acute horticultural seed shortage in Ethiopia

March 2023

Jemma Agrotech has taken the bold step of testing an out-grower seed multiplication model for onion and potato, making it the first in Ethiopia. IAP partnered with Jemma Agrotech to provide the needed technical 

SOGE receives clean energy award 2022 and attracts more funding

March 2023

Solar Green Energy Ltd (SOGE), one of IAP’s investees in the Cambodia portfolio, won the 2022 Clean Energy Award for businesses. SOGE is a solar energy company that provides a wide range of quality solar

Afriseed secures additional funding for scaling up its operations in the legumes business

March 2023

Most enterprises supported by IAP aim to bring a new product or service to the market and expect to achieve at least ‘proof of concept’ during the period of IAP support,

Articles & Videos

Article on HUSK Super Farmer biochar

Super Farmers changing the face of Cambodia agriculture

HUSK’s focus is far from purely environmental, they work hard to see that their business has a meaningful social impact.

Solar Powered Irrigation

Improving Yields with Green Energy

Solar Green Energy brings economic and social benefits for rice farmers through higher and more reliable yields, as an increased amount of farmland becomes available through irrigation

Clean Water from WE Venture for Rural Cambodians


260 Brands Foods

Mitigating climate change through food system innovations

Businesses have a critical role in mitigating climate change and for most companies this has been measuring one’s own operating emissions, the Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) project aims to challenge these perceptions by supporting the growth of green businesses

Digital Inclusion - ChapChap

Promoting inclusion through digital solutions

Digital inclusion is closing the gap for communities around the globe who are underserved in access to goods and services because of their remote location or

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