Introducing IAP’s Strategic Investments Partners

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Insights, News | 0 comments

Part of the Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) non-financial support is to provide the selected inclusive businesses (IBs) with the opportunity to connect with impact investors to successfully secure investments for their prospective growth and scale-up. IAP is now excited to announce our Strategic Investment Partners (SIP) network- a network of 11 leading potential investors that will collaborate with the programme over the coming years.

IAP’s investment matchmaking strategy is to engage in early, frequently and locally embedded matching activities that are ultimately adapted to the need of the individual entrepreneur and its local context, across multiple stages of business growth. This will increase the trust and knowledge flows between the IBs and investors to promote the likelihood of a successful match and deal close. The SIPs will provide guidance and mentoring to assist the IBs to become investment ready, and to create opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and co-investment synergies.