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Country Uganda
Markets Uganda
Sectors Renewable energy
Founded February 2008


  • Emmy Wasirwa
  • Entrepreneur
    Emmy Wasirwa
About Me

As Wana’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Emmy Wasirwa is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations and leading the company’s product development and technology strategy. Mr. Wasirwa co-founded Wana with Ms. Margaret Nakigudde in 2008. Emmy has grown the company from 45 customers in 2008 to 15000 in 2017. Emmy has raised revenues of $1.9 million and provides employment to 30 people. Mr. Wasirwa received a Masters of Public Health from University of London in 2004.

  • Wana Solutions Uganda Limited (Round 1)

    Cook with a Smile

When I was ten years old I didn’t realise that I was killing my mother. Like any school going child I would bring firewood home for my mother who spent a whole lot of 20 years in and out hospital due to household air pollution. Wana Energy Solutions is a company which distributes and markets cooking gas. We create value by providing a clean, affordable, reliable and thermally efficient energy. This business has enabled us to reduce on the 20k deaths which occur yearly, provide employment and reduce on deforestation. We commenced the business in 2010 with 45 customers and today have 15000 customers. We use a door to door marketing and delivery model and we make our system affordable through the inhouse financing facility which allows the customer to make a 30% deposit, take and use the system and pay the balance over a 3 month period and this guarantees that after 6 months of using the system the household will realise 25% reduction in household energy bills.


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We have an elevator pitch. We want you to sign an NDA before we share our business plan. We are already working in BoPmarkets and want to improve our current offering.

WANA will use SMART PayGo technology to improve data collection, streamline credit management and improve LPG distribution to low income people. Low Income People (LIP) who are interested to switch from Alternative fuels or would wish to refill their cylinders but don’t have enough money shall benefit from this new approach of using SMART PayGo.


Our founder has the business savvy and persistence to turn ideas into a company. We have a business network and can get introduced to the right people. We can build the product. Given the time and money, we can deliver on our promises.

1) Dr. Emmy Wasirwa – CEO and Managing director 2) Dennis Abigaba – Manager Operations 3) Joshua Mawerere – Sales Manager 4) Shamila Namulinda – Credit Manager 5) Richard Wasirwa – Inventory and Distribution 6) Ann Atuhaire – Accountant 7) Innocent Naswali – Head of Finance


We have a working product or service. We have developed the product ourselves and own all of the IP for the product. The product is built with open hardware and/or software, so there is no proprietary third-party IP.

WANA is planning to pilot with 10 installations prior to growing it to 200 and then up to the final stage of raising 40000 customers by the end of the third year. SMART PayGo has been tested in Solar and with that experience we would wish to bring it to the LPG Clients


We plan to start by building a community of passionate customers. We have identified one or more revenue streams. We have a cash-flow prognosis. We already have revenue from paying customers.

Our revenue is raised from direct sales of the solution (Accessories, Canister, and burner stove) this accounts for 26% of our total revenue while the second source is the repeat customers who refill their gas on a monthly basis.


LPG is affordable however customers who earn under USD $10 per month and are using to buy charcoal in piece meals might not be able to afford high upfront costs and refilling costs. Using SMART PayGo Technology these customers can afford to switch from alternative fuels to LPG. Women and youth can participate in such a business as a sales agents.

We involve low-income groups as consumers. We involve low-income groups as distributors. We involve low-income groups as employees.

Social Impact – LPG create employment opportunities for Women and youth as sales agents and troubleshooters or delivery agents. Environmental Impact – Its clear that the population of Uganda is growing at an unprecedented rate but the forests aren’t. The population has depleted the forests hence deforestation – LPG distribution helps to reduce existing pressure on the forests. Health impact – LPG burns clean with less dirt fumes which cause ill-health.


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