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Country Uganda
Markets Uganda
Sectors Agribusiness consumer goods Food & Berverages
Founded February 2014


  • Nyanga Amos
  • Entrepreneur
    Nyanga Amos
About Me

My Name is Nyanga Amos, an entrepreneur in the agribusiness value chain and manufacturer, a director in Farmers Services Ltd, one of the leading aggro input supplier in Uganda and a founder and managing director of sky foods and beverages Ltd . a company engaged.
in processing of mineral water and natural fruit juices.
I have been engaged in business for over 6 years after working Government of Uganda at various position as chief finance officer and Revenue officer with Uganda Revenue Authority

  • Skyfoods and beverages Ltd (Round 1)

    To be the leading agro processing brand in the region

An inclusive agro processing business that is engaged in fruits value chain and mineral water production. Sky foods and Beverages is a working with a number of smallholders farmers as suppliers for juice processing plant fruits. The company intends to scale up its investments in the next five years to including food processing using organic materials sourced locally.


This venture has not initiated a round of financing on this platform. If they choose to, the summary of the fundraising round will appear to registered investors here.


We only have a longer pitch. We want you to sign an NDA before we share our business plan. We are already working in BoPmarkets and want to improve our current offering.

Working with the community to a build a global enterprise using local inputs.


Our founder has the business savvy and persistence to turn ideas into a company. We can build the product. Given the time and money, we can deliver on our promises.

Mr. Nyanga Amos: The managing Director .Mr. Opio Samson Fantileo is the Project Manager ,Mr Richard Brian Okot is the Production manager.Mr Alunga Janan is the production and quality control manager.Mr. Ogwal Charles is the Agribusiness development Manager


We have a working product or service. We have developed the product ourselves and own all of the IP for the product.

Sky foods and Beverages Ltd is already in production of natural fruits juices though at small scale and would like scale it up and also include other products within the fruits and food value chain. We are also processing clean mineral water which is in full production.


We have a cash-flow prognosis. We already have revenue from paying customers.

The company has created a network of distributors within the region and supply its product to its 100 distributors in 30 districts. The products are sold on cash basis and credit, creditors are given 30 days to pay for goods supplied on credit.


The business capacitates fruit farmers on basic agronomic skills and post-harvest handling while creating a sustainable market for their fruit produce which it adds value to make organic tasty nutritious fruit based products for local and international consumption.

We involve low-income groups as producers. We involve low-income groups as employees.

The business intends to build the capacity of 5,000 fruits farmers within our value chain within the next two years and create employment to over 400 within the supply chain.

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