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Country Uganda
Markets Uganda
Sectors Renewable energy Water & Sanitation & Hygine (WASH)
Founded October 2015


  • Samuel Malinga
  • Entrepreneur
    Samuel Malinga
About Me

Samuel Malinga is a Ugandan citizen based in Kampala. He is a Founder and Managing Director of Sanitation Africa Limited, and UN Young Leader for the SDGs. Samuel holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering from Makerere University.
In his professional career, Samuel has worked with a significant number of charity organizations, Agro-processing company, and rice growing company in Uganda. He has also worked as a Sanitation Consultant where he undertook research and development of low-cost desludging pumps, transportation devices, and toilet technologies.
Samuel has a community touch and has presented technical papers on various platforms globally i.e. “Innovation as a key enabler to power Africa” conference organized by RES4MED in Rome-Italy, Youth Water Forum in Budapest-Hungary, Toilet Innovation and Investment Summit in Mumbai-India, Pathways to the SDG6 in Delhi-India, Fecal Sludge Management 3 (FSM3) in Hanoi-Vietnam, AfricaSan4 in Dakar-Senegal.

  • Sanitation Africa Limited (Round 1)

    Sanitation, Toilets, SDGs, Renewable Energy, Water

Sanitation Africa Limited (SAL) builds clean and hygienic toilet facilities for the communities living in slums, rural areas, peri-urban, and landing sites to prevent the occurrence of water-borne diseases. We strive to enable low-income households to access decent, and affordable sanitation facilities.
SAL also empties pits/septics using a locally made semi-mechanical pump in areas that are otherwise hard to reach. In addition to this, the company produces cooking briquettes made from the dried sludge, which is sold as an environmentally friendly option to firewood.


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We have an elevator pitch. We are already working in BoPmarkets and want to improve our current offering.

Sanitation Africa Ltd (SAL) designs toilet solutions suited for high water table & collapsible soils, upgrades existing latrines into fresh & hygienic facilities which are safe for children, women and the disabled. SAL also empties pits/septics in slums, produces cooking briquettes made from the dried sludge for heating in households & factories.


Our founder has the business savvy and persistence to turn ideas into a company. We can build the product. Given the time and money, we can deliver on our promises.

Samuel MALINGA, Managing Director; Joseph Kajerero, Chief Investment Advisor.; Habert Atayo, Operations Manager; Martin Morris Okolo, Public Health Officer; Marion Adupa Akumu: Administration and Procurement Officer; Ephraim Ssemambo, Finance Manager.;


We have a working product or service. The product is built with open hardware and/or software, so there is no proprietary third-party IP.

Our toilets are market ready and we have constructed over 500 units. Also, the emptying pumps are market ready and locally made and repaired. The briquettes have undergone all laboratory tests, and yet to be introduced to the market.


We have identified one or more revenue streams. We already have revenue from paying customers.

The different toilet options are sold at prices ranging from $80 to $444 with 25% profit margin. Emptying per operation yield about $50, but more than four trips can be made in a day depending on the availability of transport. A bag of briquettes is sold at a profit ranging from 30% to 35% depending on the type whether honeycomb or stick briquettes.


We have set strategies to partner with some company casting concrete products such that they undertake the casting of our toilet products, and then we do the marketing and installation. We shall train a team of masons, emptying operators, plumbers, some engineers, community agents and marketers who thrive on commissions. Our toilets cater for poor

We involve low-income groups as consumers. We involve low-income groups as producers. We involve low-income groups as distributors. We involve low-income groups as employees.

We are contributing to about 7% of the waste received at the treatment plants, and we plan to increase it to 25%. We are employing over 30 youths along sanitation value chain. We made at least 60 toilets reusable monthly by safely emptying. We have constructed over 600 toilets in Masaka, Kampala thus improving lives of over 3000 people. Five schools have benefitted from our toilets and hand washing facilities and results indicate reduced occurrence diarrhea among children thus better grades

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