Venture Profile

Country Ethiopia
Markets Ethiopia
Sectors Renewable energy
Founded May 2014


  • Getu Alemayehu
  • Entrepreneur
    Getu Alemayehu
  • GM Clean Energy and Fuel Efficient technology plc. (Round 1)

    Clean Energy and fuel efficient technology manufacturing for all

The vision of the company is to manufacture and sale as many as possible injera biogas stove and fuel saving composite mitad. Our products are commercially affordable. Our company strategy is focused on inclusive business and solving environmental problems and then accessing larger market.
We classify our products as: 1. Injera Biogas Stove and 2. Efficient Composite Mitad. When biogas users use Injera Biogas Stove and Efficient Composite Mitad, they solely use biogas as a source of energy for Injera baking and it totally (100%) replaces the fire wood use for Injera baking. Also when Efficient Composite Mitad is used along with others biomass stoves (like Mirt stove) for those do not have access to biogas, but using firewood as source of energy, they reduce fuel wood consumption by 74% and time of operation by 52%. So, these technologies have environmental and social impacts such as reducing GHGs emission, reducing deforestation and increasing the income for low income people.


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We have an elevator pitch. We want you to sign an NDA before we share our business plan. We have a revolutionary new idea that will change the world.

Manufacturing and selling Injera Biogas Stove and fuel saving Composite Mitad as to bring financial impact for our company, increase our customers economy by reducing high fuel consumption, reduce work load for women and children, create job opportunity for low income people, reduce deforestation, reduce GHGs emission and in door air pollution.


We have a business network and can get introduced to the right people. We can build the product. Given the time and money, we can deliver on our promises.

Founder of Company: Getu Alemayehu, Melaku Getachew, Zelalem Wayyuuma Betsa Tizazu, Eyeruse Berhanu, Key staff: Temesgen Tamir, Alelign Ewnetu, Henok Abera, Aberash Ayelign, Fiker muche, Kalkidan Melash, Ayantu Badhas


We have a working product or service. We have developed the product ourselves and own all of the IP for the product.

Our product is currently on market trial and planned to implement and scale up our market.


We plan to start by building a community of passionate customers. We have identified one or more revenue streams. We have a cash-flow prognosis. We already have revenue from paying customers.

The company’s source of revenue is from sales of biogas stove and composite Mitad to the targeted households in eight regions. We manufacture then sell to our customers, transport, install, give user training through our staff and distributors. So, our service is a door to door service which makes us unique from other business.


Because of most of our customers are living in rural areas getting low income and they are women since injera baking in Ethiopia is mostly done by women. We also create jobs for those do not have job as employee and we use low income youth and women as distributors.

We involve low-income groups as consumers. We involve low-income groups as producers. We involve low-income groups as distributors. We involve low-income groups as employees.

Quantification of impacts # of new jobs 340 # of new beneficiaries with increased income 4860 # of new beneficiaries with access to basic goods and services 4500 Ratio of female beneficiaries (%) 75-80

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