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Cambodia (កម្ពុជា)

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Dreamlight waste cleaning and recycling company (Round 1)

Our business is about collecting waste and recycling


Our proposed Pitch is Producing bottled biogas, fuel briquette and organic compost products from waste.

AgribusinessRenewable energyWater & Sanitation & Hygine (WASH)

GM Clean Energy and Fuel Efficient technology plc. (Round 1)

Clean Energy and fuel efficient technology manufacturing for all


The vision of the company is to manufacture and sale as many as possible injera biogas stove and fuel saving composite mitad. Our products ..

Renewable energy

Sano Beverages Manufacturing Plc (Round 1)

Healthy drinks for Ethiopian BOP population


Offering healthy and affordable drinks to the Ethiopian BOP population, with ingredients from local origin (soy, stevia, ginger) combined with an inclusive active street ..

Agribusinessconsumer goodsFood & Berverages

Desert Rose Consultancy Plc (Round 1)

affordable - scaleable - water treatment for ethiopian BOP market


Almost one thousand children under 5 die daily, worldwide, from diarrhea with a key factor being lack of access to safe water [WHO: press ..

consumer goodsHealth servicesWater & Sanitation & Hygine (WASH)

Sanitation Africa Limited (Round 1)

Sanitation, Toilets, SDGs, Renewable Energy, Water


Sanitation Africa Limited (SAL) builds clean and hygienic toilet facilities for the communities living in slums, rural areas, peri-urban, and landing sites to prevent ..

Renewable energyWater & Sanitation & Hygine (WASH)

EntoAfrica Ltd. (Round 1)

EntoAfrica Cricket Upscaling


To rear insects and promote them as a delicious, affordable and very nutritious food products. Crickets would be the first of several insects ..

AgribusinessFood & Berverages

Wana Solutions Uganda Limited (Round 1)

Cook with a Smile


When I was ten years old I didn’t realise that I was killing my mother. Like any school going child I would bring firewood ..

Renewable energy

Skyfoods and beverages Ltd (Round 1)

To be the leading agro processing brand in the region


An inclusive agro processing business that is engaged in fruits value chain and mineral water production. Sky foods and Beverages is a working with ..

Agribusinessconsumer goodsFood & Berverages

Eco-Group Limited (Round 1)

Eco Stoves and Volcanic Rocks in Uganda by Eco -group


Eco Group Ltd is a one stop household energy solution company in Uganda specialised in the manufacture of clean and efficient cook-stoves and fuels ..

Renewable energy